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My names Tom Swinbourne and I am 20-year-old student currently studying BA Hons Marketing Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Ever since studying a marketing module in my business studies A level throughout college, I have gained a strong passion for marketing, so my set goal was to achieve my grades to carry on my higher education in a Marketing Management course. I have just recently started my second year in university and for one of my modules I have to carry out a 20-day work placement in an industry suitable for my chosen field, in this case, marketing.

I saw the rock academy wales business and carried out research, this was the business that I wanted to gain my experience in, with my interest in rock music being a factor. After meeting with Chris Kelly and being briefed on the work that needs to be done in the marketing department, I got to work.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to help run the social media marketing department of the business and even set up a social media site for the academy. This was a great chance for me to gain experience in areas of marketing, analysing customer behaviour and certain trends occurring suitable to the rock industry. Its also allowed me to become an admin for the website, thinking of new ways that it could improve, which is a great experience for me to have in a marketing job role.

I would regularly meet with Chris in order to discuss new ideas for the social media sites and what the company can offer to reach to the customers that may not have heard of us. We would also discuss ways in which the social media sites could become more engaging and interactive for the loyal customers of The Rock Academy, with the ideas of more audio and video of the gigs being included to allow people to experience their great work for themselves. Overall, it’s been a pleasure to work with the Rock Academy Wales and to gain an insight to the great work that they’re doing, both with the academy and the corporate side.


Many Thanks To Chris Kelly and The Rock Academy Team for allowing me to complete my 20-day placement with them and for teaching me new marketing techniques needed for my hopeful future job role. I hope they carry on the great work that they’re doing for corporations and for children.


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