Rock at Work; beat the January blues…


Working together and getting ready to ROCK!!!

Working together and getting ready to ROCK!!!

So its mid-January. The Christmas break feels like it never happened. Spring and summer seem a lifetime away. Is work quite frankly just a bit of a drag? Same projects still ongoing carried over from 2015? Same issues? Same conversations? Same silo working? Same old frustrations?

Don’t despair…you can beat those January Blues…and turn work into a rocking place to be. R@W is the fun, unique and cool way to boost morale and team spirit whilst enhancing individuals and teams’ work performance. We can turn you and your work colleagues into a rock band.

You’ll be performing songs as a live band and playing real instruments – no backing tracks or lip syncing here!

We have the tools, techniques and passion to turn your accounts department into The Who, or the sales team into Led Zeppelin!

We’ll make sure you have a day you’ll never forget whilst enhancing your individual and team work performance in many key skills including communication, collaboration, problem solving, achieving a common goal, relationship and confidence building.

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