What we do

R@W provides a fun and unique way to boost morale and team spirit whilst developing individual work performance.

Our events introduce participants to guitars, bass, drums, vocals, keyboards and a whole lot of fun, but the main focus of the training is to engage participants in a group activity to deliver a common goal through the medium of music.

During the course, participants form their own rock band,  learn how to play well known rock/pop songs and then perform as a live band, playing real instruments – no backing tracks here! We have the expertise to turn your accounts department into The Who or the sales team into Led Zeppelin! For larger groups, we can host a “Battle of the Bands” to get those competitive juices flowing.

Our opening ice-breakers kick start the day and get people talking, connecting and interacting from the word go. It also allows us to identify skills/personality types and allocate roles to organise the band so that as a team they achieve successful outcomes.

R@W staff have extensive musical backgrounds as well as many years experience in coaching, mentoring and tutoring – so no one needs to worry about their personal ability level, as we cater for complete novices to rock heroes.

Each participant soon realises they cannot reach their goals without co-operation and communication with other members of the band. Although there will be varying levels of ability within the team, each individual will learn that being a virtuoso musician is not what being part of a band is all about.  Communicating, verbalising and supporting each other is key for achieving success. This is the only way that the groups will be able to produce the necessary skills to reach their goal at the end of the day.